Full Name: Thaddeus
Nickname: The T-Man
Breed: “I am a man of mystery, so we’re not completely sure, but the general consensus is that I am part Jack Russell Terrier and part Corgi… with a little something extra thrown in to make things more interesting.”
Likes: ”I like to eat good food, listen to cool music, go for walks with my peeps, and chase squirrels with my sister Clementine. And after a long day of fun, I love to snuggle myself up under a nice blanket with just the tip of my little snout peeking out.”
Dislikes: “I’m a pretty easy going guy, but I have to say that mean people, prejudice of any kind, greediness, and the mailman really get my fur ruffled.”
Best friend: “I will always be friends with the underdog in any situation, but my best friends in the whole world are my Mom, my Dad, and my sister Clementine… we’re buds ‘til the end.”
Favorite toy: “I love stuffed toys, big chew bones that are almost too big to carry, and I’ll never say no to a nice tug-of-war rope.”
Naughtiest thing ever done: “I’m almost always a good boy, but sometimes something just takes hold that makes me think my nice soft bed is a giant stuffed toy, and I have to rip it to shreds.  When this happens, look out because I can make quite a scene!”
Special talent: “The thing is, when you’re this cute, you don’t really need a special talent!

”Hello!  Noelle, Thaddeus’ owner here, and I would just like to share with you how special Thaddeus is to our family.  We chose him after seeing his photo on Petfinder.com.  At the time he had been found on the streets and was being kept in a shelter in Arkansas.  After we did a quick phone interview with the pet adoption agency, we agreed that we wanted to take a chance and adopt Thaddeus sight unseen and made plans to meet the pet transport  service in a shopping center parking lot the very next weekend.  He was so scared and timid at first, and I will never forget the first time I saw his sweet little face, but he quickly warmed up to us and became a beloved part of our little family.  It seems that he has always been with us.  Thaddeus is an endless source of love, companionship and joy.  I hope this story will encourage others to consider adopting.”