Full Name: Snowman
Nickname: Mr. Kid, Buddy, Snows, Bunny
Breed: Border Collie Mix
Likes: Long walks in the park, chocolate or peanut scented rubber bones from Wagwear (they’re the best!), Mr. Barky’s biscuits, everyone he met
Dislikes: Swimming
Best friend: Babe, a Samoyed mix that the owners found 5 years before Snowy; she died in 2006
Favorite toy: Studs Turtle (stuffed turtle), the world on a string (rubber globe on a rope)
Naughtiest thing ever done: Owners: “Can’t think of a thing…”
Special talent: “He loves to dance around, swinging his toys around and around so that they are wrapped around his nose (see photo).”

From the owner:  “I found Snowman in June 2000.He was tied to a post at the entrance to Riverside Park.  He was so friendly, but you could tell he was scared.  He had been abandoned with his ID tag, and when we called the number they confirmed he had been dumped.  These awful people had no idea what they were throwing away.  Snowy was the best dog ever— smart, silly, gentle, and the love of our lives.  He gave us 10 beautiful, fun-filled years before he died of Lymphoma in December 2010.  Snowy was the best poster boy ever for adoption, rather than buying a companion animal.”