Full Name: Lola
Nickname: Lolita, Lola Jean
Breed: The perfect breed: Mutt!
Likes: Long off-leash runs, bones, tiny stuffed animals, sleeping under covers, cats, snow, playing in water (rivers, ponds, kiddie pools), digging, hunting,
Dislikes: rain, the ocean, being told what to do,
Best friend: Murphy
Favorite toy: stuffing-free raccoon
Naughtiest thing ever done: There are too many to pick just one. But she likes the taste of remote controls.
Special talent: Hunting small animals, the first one she caught was a bird when she was five months old. Climbing trees! If you are at the dog path at Northampton state hospital you will surely see her climbing out over the river.   Lola also loves doing tricks, including “yoga” (she does the ‘downward dog’ yoga position on command), roll over, beg,  high five, and more.

When we got Lola I was determined to make her a princess, and it worked. She is very particular about everything, from the way she plays to how she sleeps at night. Lola has a bunch of tiny stuffed animals, most of them were at one point cat toys that she stole from various cats in her life and has since become extremely attached to.  When it’s time for bed, she stuffs as many of these babies as she can gently into her mouth and carries them up to bed.  At bedtime, Lola crawls under the covers with us but when she gets too warm she has learned to use her front paw to pull the covers down to expose the top half of her body as well as our legs.  When we move she groans as if she is being inconvenienced.

Lola is also quite the hunter. Lola met her best friend Murphy when she was two, and he was a mere 10 pounds. She was so good at playing with him as a puppy, sharing stuffies, and allowing him to chew her bones (sometimes). Over the next few years Lola and Murphy had thousands of walks and play dates, finally another dog that liked to play rough like her! Lola helped to teach Murphy how to walk off leash at the park and Murphy got Lola to learn to love the water. Lola and Murphy race around Murphy’s yard chasing each other, until they get tired, then they lay next to each other and share kisses. The dynamic changed last year when Murphy got a brother, Charlie is a beagle mix and he is a hound dog! It took Lola a little while to accept that Charlie was going to be at every play date and was going to try to play with them. Eventually she warmed up to him and he is allowed to join in. Although Lola is still the boss and has some important rules: no jumping on her, no crying, no digging in her hole, you know the important stuff.