Full name: Fritzy Flint
Nickname: boy or Dude
Breed: Beagle
Likes: Chasing birds, swimming in our pond, climbing up Lily’s slide and then sliding down
Dislikes: Toenails being cut and going to the vet
Best Friend: Lily our daughter
Favorite Toy: rawhide bone and mommy’s socks
Naughtiest thing ever done: Jumped up on the kitchen counter and ate all of Lily’s Halloween candy- boy was Lily mad!
Special talent: Fritzy loves to climb trees, yes he can climb any tree with a low branch. He can also climb ladders very well

From the owner: “Fritzy came to our family under traffic circumstances as his owner was killed in a car accident.  We adopted Fritzy when he was 4 months old.  Fritzy was very afraid of everyone and everything, but with a lot of patience and love, he has become much more confident and comfortable with our friends and family that visit our home.

“Fritzy’s typical day begins with Dad feeding him in the A.M. and then straight outside for 2-3 hours of running and investigation around our property, checking to see where the birds are and perhaps a bunny or two. Followed by a nap in the mid-morning. Most days Fritzy prefers to be outside all day, which is possible because we have a special fence for him to roam 4 acres of land. Most afternoons you will find him lyng in our frog pond, cooling off from running after a bird or climbing a tree.  Nighttime consists of eating dinner and following Mom up to be snuggled under the covers for a good night’s sleep.”