Full Name: Casey
Breed: Golden Retriever
Likes: People, swimming, retrieving, suppertime
Dislikes: Being scolded and when you don’t want to throw the stick
Best friend: Zoe, his sister and frequent companion
Favorite toy: Any ball
Naughtiest thing ever done: From the owner: “There is a body of water by our house that Casey likes. We frequently will walk him off leash if the traffic is low. If he is off leash by this water, he will start running to it a block and a half away, down the hill and across the street, despite all calls to halt.  He no longer goes without a leash when we are around that body of water!”
Special talent: Excellent retriever and jumper.  He looks like a deer jumping fences.  He plays roly poly with a ball nosing a ball toward us while he is still lying on the floor.  He finds lacrosse balls in the bushes by the high school.During lacrosse season, he rarely comes out of the bushes without one, sometimes two.”