Full Name: Jack
Breed: Australian Labradoodle
Likes: kids and meat
Dislikes: mean dogs
Best friend: Skye
Favorite toy: red ball
Naughtiest thing ever done: chewed antique chair leg
Special talent: chasing rabbits

From the owner: “Jack is hypoallergenic and does not shed at all, but he is huge!”  He does not realize his own size or strength and can knock you over when he runs by you.  He never jumps up on people, thank goodness.  He loves the dog park, is very sociable, and clearly is admired by his peers.  He loves bacon, liver, lamb, steak, and cheese, but his mainstay for food is a special brand for sensitive stomachs.  He is a dear pet to his humans and really tries to sit on their lap without crushing them.”