Full Name: Saffron
August 28, 2002
Sleeping, eating, going anywhere, and sleeping!
Thunder, fireworks!
Best friend:
Ashley (the owner)
Favorite Toy:
Fuzzy squirrel squeaky toy
Naughtiest thing ever done:
Escaped from a friend’s yard, and in less than 20 minutes, was seven miles away!  Some nice people saw her and brought her home.
Special talent:
Sleeping, bumping into things, and making friends.  When she waits outside a store for Ashley to return, Saffie always attracts a little crowd of people petting her.  And she loves it!

From the owner:  “I had never really thought about adopting agreyhound off the track. but at the time when we were looking for a dog, there was a lot of publicity about a dog track closing and a huge number of dogs needing homes.  Just to be fair, I began researching Greyhounds as pets- and they’re awesome! They don’t bark, shed or smell like a dog!   They don’t need as much exercise as most think, and they love to sleep in funny, comfortable places and positions.

Saffie was adopted from the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society in Greenfield, MA. It was an easy decision to make. There were about 10 Greyhounds to choose from, but I took one look at Saffie and knew right away that she was my dog.  She had such a calm demeanor. Nonetheless, I met each greyhound and then went back to Saffie.  She came home with us just a few days later and it has been great ever since!  Saffie has been a part of the family for about five years.  She and our son get along very well together. He’s 2 1/2 years old and both are very gentle with each other. Saffie is also very patient with Charlie’s less gentle friends. I believe that Saffie must have had a very positive track experience. She is very outgoing- she likes almost everything- crowds and hub-bub, concerts, parks, hiking, and just being with her people. She has learned the basics of doggie behavior- even sitting- which many greyhounds actually can’t do because of their very large hind leg running muscles. Greyhounds are tattooed at birth for identification purposes, as are racehorses. With this information, I was able to look her up on the web and find her entire racing history- how many races, where she traveled, how she did (not so well-lucky for us!), her parent’s and sibling’s histories, too. It is interesting to access so much information on an adopted dog, not that any of it matters.  The only important part is that we have a great dog!

Because Greyhound racing will be ending in Massachusetts over the upcoming years, many wonderful greyhounds will be needing to find homes.  I encourage people to look into and consider adopting a greyhound.  We didn’t know anything about it and are so glad that we have this lovely, graceful, friendly, and well behaved dog as a part of our life.”

Charlie and Saffie, 2007

Ashley, Charlie, and Saffie, 2009