Full Name: Riley Zeppelin Goldbas (we voted for Zappa… kids won)
RiBear, Rimaster General, Huntenschlaben, Geep
Royal Standard Poodle
Chasing squirrels and UPS guys, car rides
Squirrels and UPS guys and long car rides
Best friend:
Lucy and Cooper, the golden labs next door
Favorite Toy:
Bagel shape made of tennis ball fabric
Naughtiest thing ever done:
Tough to say… between eating an asthma inhaler, or getting a roast chicken stuck on his snout
Special talent:
Catching squirrels and finding hidden treats

From the owners:  “We were looking for a dog for a family with allergies.  A good friend called to say that Riley was available for adoption from a family with many kids, dogs, and horses.  His parents were show dogs.  He was 35 pounds of fluff at three months.  Riley is nine now and tips the scales at around 80 pounds.  As a member of the smart poodle clan, he has us totally well-trained. We are over-the-moon in love with him.

A typical day?  Riley goes in and out four thousand times.