Full Name: Lukas
Bub-bee, Mr. Boba-Fantastic, Nurgepickle
Birthday: December 4, 2006
Breed: German Wiredhair Pointer/ Brittany Spaniel
Likes: All humans, all dogs, anything that will chase him, chicken, buried treasure unearthed in Spring thaw, Stinky the cat
Dislikes: All other cats, being kicked off the bed
Best friend: Louie the Chocolate Lab, Alvin the Black Shepherd mix
Favorite toy: Anything from the dirty laundry pile
Naughtiest thing ever done: Stole his mom’s iPod after a jog and buried it in the brook where it was never found
Special talent: Can find anyone anywhere in a game of hide-and-seek

Lukas was a fun dog to work with, but, as you can see from his stats above, he’s sometimes quite naughty.  The owners sent these photos of Lukas as a darling pup, and as a naughty dog!