Full Name: Eliza Doolittle Franklin
Birthday: 1995
Breed: Briard mix
Likes: Her family, chasing tennis balls, chasing squirrels, eating people food, snoozing
Dislikes: Thunder and lightning!
Best friend: Kaya (German Shepard), Otis (Westie), and her family
Favorite toy: “Squirrel” (a stuffed toy)
Naughtiest thing ever done: Ate half a cheesecake!
Special talent: Catching balls, eating any food she can find, catching popcorn in the air, and being the sweetest dog ever!

From the owners:  “We saw Eliza’s photograph in the newspaper when she was available for adoption at the Dakin Animal Shelter in Mass.  fourteen years ago when she was only ten months old.  We were on our way to a Bat Mitzvah, so the whole family, all dressed up, went to see her at the shelter.  We fell in love with her immediately!  We filled out the adoption papers and the next morning we were there picking her up.  She’s the best dog we’ve ever had!  We feel very lucky to have found her!”