Full Name: Ginger
Birthday: March 12, 1995
Breed: Australian Shepherd Red Merle
Likes: Food, food, and more food
Dislikes: Thunder and lightning!
Best friend: Shelley
Favorite toy: A stuffed white bear
Naughtiest thing ever done: She opened the back door, let herself out, went to the neighbor’s house and opened their screen door.  Then she went into their kitchen and helped herself to the lasagna that was on the counter!
Special talent: She could open doors and drawers. When she was younger, she could jump and escape over very high fences.

Sadly, Ginger passed away in 2009 while we were working on this book.  Ginger was Shelley’s dog for almost 14 years—the best dog in the world.

From Shelley: “Ginger was a special dog, I always wanted a dog growing up and I was only allowed guppies. I befriended someone who had a Cocker Spaniel and, interestingly enough, one is on the cover.  My daughter Emily was always an animal lover and begged for pets.  After fish that died too soon, a hamster, a lizard, a rabbit, and borrowing the class guinea pig during school vacations, I was talked into getting a puppy.  I saw an Australian Shepherd for the first time and it was love at first sight.  It was a long, loving relationship with Ginger.  She was beautiful to watch in the woods, running gracefully and leaping high as if she were spring-loaded.  Ginger was always there— a great companion, a great traveler, and an eager hiker.  Always there.

She will be greatly missed.