Full Name: Ginger
Nickname: Ginger Creme Brulee, Ginger Pot Pie, Pots, Potty Pots, Potus Pius of the Julii, etc.
Breed: All-American—as “mixed” as they come
Likes: Running loops around the house, jumping from scatter rug to scatter rug, watching chipmunks on the front steps, rough-housing with Casey
Dislikes: Loud noises and slippery floors
Best friend: Casey, her dog pal who lets her chew on her, wrestle her to the floor, and swat her.  Fiona is nice too. She sleeps a lot, but is good to snuggle up with.
Favorite toy: All of them!  Purple bone, purple octopus, nylabones, squeaky star.  There’s no such thing as too many toys!
Naughtiest thing ever done: When she first arrived, she chewed the panel on the front door, and that nice moulding at the top of the stairs.  Chewed the fringe off an oriental rug
Special talent: Is super fast

From Ginger:  “In February 2007, a couple out for a walk at Lake Dennison State Park (Winchendon, MA) found me starving and scared.  They got me to Ahimsa Haven Animal Rescue, who warmed me up, fed me, placed me in a foster home, and listed me on PetFinder.  A nice lady named Heidi saw my photo and sent it to her friend Pam, since they share a fondness for scruffy-faced dogs. Pam thought I looked sweet, so she filled out a long online application, set up a time to meet me, and brought her husband and two dogs along so the staff at Ahimsa could meet the whole family.  And that’s how I found my forever home!

 I now live in western Massachusetts and love going for long walks.

I particularly like winter walks in the woods; my humans wear snow shoes, and I go tearing down the paths they make.  I also go to school; my first course was basic obedience, where I learned to do “Sit,”  “Stay,” “Down,” “Walk with me,” “Watch me,” and all sorts of other fun stuff.  More recently, I’ve been taking agility classes, where I’ve 
learned how to go over jumps, see-saws, A-frames, etc., run through tunnels, and slalom my way through weave poles.  I’m currently in intermediate agility and plan to make my competition debut in early 2010. 

While I don’t know how to brush my own teeth, Pam takes care of that for me, with a special toothbrush and doggie tooth paste (peanut butter flavored!).  She also had the vet clean my teeth, and now my teeth are sparkly white!”