Full Name: Ezekiel
Breed: Nova Scotian Duck Tolling Retriever Mix with Akita
Likes: Meat, cold weather, swimming
Dislikes: Big empty boxes, salad spinners, and guitars that lean against the walls
Best friend: The dog of whichever gypsy traveller is currently crashing on owner’s couch
Favorite toy: The Kong, squeaky things, or anything he can meticulously destroy bit by bit
Naughtiest thing ever done: As a puppy left alone, he chewed one strap from all of owner’s bras. While travelling across the country, he bit off the top of every jug of water in the van while the owners were gone for, like, five minutes!
Special talent: Knowing when you even THINK of going for a walk, jumping through hula hoops without a running start, biting his foot when you tell him to.

You’ll notice that Ezekiel calls himself “Max” inside the book. We named him “Max” in the art, as it’s the most popular dog name.  Also, some children might not be able to read his real name.  Sorry, Ezekiel!

From the owner: “I didn’t actually pick him for his breed, even though it is a very specific and sort of rare breed. I took him home with me from the litter because I thought he would turn out like his papa, a huge black and grey Akida-wolf dog.  That was what I wanted, and I figured his light brown fur would get darker with time.  Now, I’m happy that he didn’t turn out to be just like his papa. His little white paws and belly are adorable when he lays on his back, and he definitely got his papa’s diligent intelligence without looking as scary as a wolf. He is absolutely great.”