Colby Joe

Full Name: Colby Joe
Bichon Frise
The ocean, anything that resembles a pill, diesel truck sounds, fly swatters, squeaky toys
Best friend:
His girlfriend, Aura, a Golden Doodle
Favorite Toy:
Prefers a real bone over toys.
Naughtiest thing ever done:
Waded into the frog pond to cool off, and came out covered in mud (see photo below)
Special talent:
The Bishon Buzzzz: he wraps his tail under his butt, and dodges back and forth, doing a “fake” so he can’t be caught.   He’ll circle a building and buzzzz you again.  This game goes on until C.J. or owner gives up!

Colby Joe was a rescue dog who now lives happily on a farm with chickens, goats, and llamas.

From the owner:  “ C.J. loves the winter and especially the new fallen snow…he rolls and flips and flops and completely immerses himself  in it – then bounds and romps in it as if he were the snow plow regardless of how deep it is.  He loves jaunts to the brook often on a John Deere Gator – sits in the passenger seat and lets the breeze cool him off then completely plunks himself in the river and throws his back legs straight back and lets the crystal clear water run over his submerged little body. Then he rocks back and forth this way just like a kid playing in the water.  He loves to go for rides with his owner – and to be close by at all times. Becomes frantic when left either with someone else or alone. – Begins to pace to and fro –gets very distraught…so you may say he’s very attached and loyal to his owner, which dogs are noted for as a rule.

If I may say, I am grateful for this opportunity for Colby Joe to be able brighten others‘ lives via his appearance in this fabulous book and website “bio,” as he has not only touched mine, but my friends’ and family’s as well.”

C.J. is ga-ga over his girlfriend, Aura


C.J thinks he fathered Aura’s pups… but he didn’t!


On the John Deere


Covered with mud!