Meet the authors

Name: Diane deGroat
Nickname: Di
Breed: Jersey Girl
Likes: Traveling, gardening, taxidermy, sleeping late
Dislikes: Liver
Pet Peeve: People who don’t clean up after their dogs
Favorite Toy: My Cintiq!
Special Talent:  I can write in mirror image.

Diane is a cat person, but she was delighted to digitally play with dogs to make these books. When she’s not making dog books, she is best known for her “Gilbert and Friends” series. Her taxidermy collection includes a possum, as well as a German Shepherd. She does not have a stuffed cat.

Name: Shelley Rotner
Nickname: Shellro
Breed: New Yorker
Likes: Mountains, oceans, dog walks, chocolate
Dislikes: Coconut
Pet Peeve: Barking dogs
Favorite Toy: My point-and-shoot camera
Special Talent: Manifesting

Shelley is a dog person. You can meet her dog Ginger on her profile page. Shelley is an award-winning author and photo-illustrator best known for her non-fiction picture books that celebrate diversity. She also publishes travel pieces and hand paints large scale photographs.