Meet the star of Homer

Casey is a three-year-old English Golden Retriever who stood out in a litter of adorable puppies. Shelley’s brother, his wife and their daughter took him home to be part of their family.

Shelley first met Casey when he was 8 weeks old when he was just a ball of fur and a happy playful pup. She watched him grow up over time and knew he was perfect for the star of our book.

Casey joins a strong baseball family and is a serious ball player himself, although he does prefer tennis! He’s a great catcher. He’s extremely well trained—active when playing or totally mellow on the rug.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds. They are loyal, lovable and they love children!

Casey will be making limited appearances and paw print signings. Please leave comments and questions here that we’ll share with him.

Good dog Casey!

7 comments about “Meet the star of Homer

  1. Great website and the best dog books ever… from school kids to grown kids to all grownups… these books are more fun than a bubble bath !

  2. Hey Shel,
    EXCELLENT TRAILER!!!!!!! Did yo go to central casting for the perfect child actors they were terrific. The whole thing is “major league” tight. Super, DUG

  3. Shelley and Diane;
    Great work again. Glad to see my talented pup made the cut for both books. He really enjoys reading those books every night before bed…a star is born! Barbara

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